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July Rearview Mirror - Swimming and Running

Another month has gone by.  I gotta admit I didn't do much running at all since I was still in recovery mode from some hip pain.  But in the last week or so I did start small short runs.  Just to check in and see how I'm feeling.  My goal for the month was to just run since I didn't run at all in June.  And I did run a tad less then 6 miles in total for the month.  So that is a start. Nikeplus
5.95 miles isn't a whole lot compared to what I was running but it's a start. Dailymile
I'm not much of a runner when I'm pain free but boy is it hard to get back into running now that the pain is going away.  I gotta pull the trigger soon on if I'll be doing another marathon again.  Was thinking of doing a 1/2 Marathon in October but have decided not to do it.  Mostly  because the cost of traveling to the event.  Decided that I'd rather do one or two swimming events in October instead.  But looking at either doing the Disney World Marathon in Jan or doing the LA Marathon in March.  Will make that decision by the end of August.  With that said I'm putting my running goal for August at a very modest 16 miles for the month. 

Now swimming.  It seems like I didn't swim that much in July.  In July I swam 29,550 yards.  That's down more then 12,000 yards from June.  Of course I did swim two Long Course Meters swim meets.  One that was a full weekend and another one day so with tapering and swimming at the meet that takes a few yards away.  So it's not too bad.  At least I was swimming. 

Past Months To Compare -

June I swam 42,000 yards

May I swam 47,950 yards.

April I swam 44,950 yards.

March I swam 62,125 yards.

February I swam 41,750 yards.

January I swam 42,300 yards.

In 2011 I've swum 268,625 yards.

I'd love to say it's the quality of swims and not the quantity but I am swimming at slower and slower intervals.  Swimming in non-cooled pools is a bit of a challenge.  I've never heard of such a crazy thing of as non-chilled or non-heated pools.  This is Florida you'd think the pools would be cooled!  It is what it is. 

With all that said I am working harder then ever at the gym.  From taking fun Zumba  classes to getting my ass kicked in Boot Camp.  All in all it's all a good thing!




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