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Thursday's Swim Report - From The Other End Of The Pool World

Morning Swim Workout - Feeling Sluggish Edition

So I haven't swam since last Friday.  I could give a long laundry list of reasons but to be honest it's just me being lazy.  With no swim meets on the agenda and with water temps way too warm for me I just don't want to wake up and go swimming.  And now with family visiting from out of state it's even harder to wake up and workout.  But this morning I got up at the crack of well around 5:10am and went on a quick run before swimming. Thurs_runkeeper
Runkeeper using GPS and my old Nike+ Sportband does record the run differently.  Not by too much. Thus_nikeplus
Either way it's nice to be back running.  After two months off recovering from my hip injury I'm slow and running small runs but I am running.  Since I was up and out early I had time to hit the pool and go swimming.

Warm Up

Mixed 500.  All free for me put did some swimming, pulling and pulling with paddles.

Then we did a 200 kick.  Yesterday I spent the day at the pool with my nieces and nephews and scrapped up my feet on the bottom of the pool while roughhousing.  So I had to take the fins off after the 100. (200/700)

4x100's Drill/Kick/Kick/Swim on 1:40.  Freestyle.  I didn't use fins so making the interval was a bit tough.  Tough for me considering I hardly kick.  (400/1100)

Main Set:

6x150's Freestyle on 2:15 descending.  Now today my lane mate was a speedster and we split the lane meaning that we were pushing each other.  Well to the very last one when I got blown out of the water.  My lane mate also got to use fins while I didn't but he's still a faster swimmer even without fins.  I was 1:52, 1:50, 1:47, 1:46, 1:45, 1:44 or close to those times.  Too much math in the morning for me.  (900/2000)

8x50's on 50.  Catch up drill down / Swim faster back.  (400/2400)

8x50's on 60 Pulling.  Breathing every 3 down / faster back. (400/2800) 

Oh, I think I put the 50's in the wrong order.  I think the pulling was before the drilling and swimming.  Then after that I helped get the lane lines out so the Aqua Aerobics folks could have the pool.  I don't really do it for the Aqua Aerobics folks but for the pool staff who are really nice. 

Total workout 2,800 yards.  I'm beat.  After not swimming for a week my body was hurting!  But I haven't been lazy all week.  I've been hitting the gym alternating legs and upper body weight training days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I even took Zumba classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Before you laugh all I can say is that I like Zumba as I don't take it serious and think of it as an hour to be goofy.  I also ran on Tuesday.  I got to the gym when it opened at 5:30 and dropped off my stuff before running around the area. Tue_runkeeper

That run was not pretty.  But I'm running again.  Hopefully I'll be back training for a 1/2 Marathon or full marathon come August.  Which is just days away so I gotta sign up for a race so I'm motivated to run!


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