USA Swim Team Media Day Gold Coast (AUS) Ryan Lochte
Ocala Masters Swim Meet or The Workout With Timers

Saturday's Swim Report - Shark Hunter

Lane 1 - "A shark, a duck and an awkward interview.  A shark, a duck and an awkward interview.  Things didn't exactly go to plan when Karl spoke to shark expert Paul Burt.  Please note, the duck was not hurt." via youtube

Lane 2 - The Telegraph has "The rise and rise of British Swimming.  As one of the most talented group of British swimmers yet assembled gears up for the World Championships in Shanghai it is a reminder of how far the sport has come in the last decade. It has been an accelerated development from national humiliation to national pride."

Lane 3 - WHO TV reports "WADING IN: Triathletes talk about the dangers and challenges of open water swimming."

Lane 4 - Fort Worth Star spotlights "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Swimming (Alpha, 7npx7.St.58 $16.95), by Mike Bottom and Nathan Jendrick, offers instructions for all four major strokes and the dolphin kick, as well as information about training, open-water swimming and fitness."

Lane 5 - HuffPost examines "Dreams About Swimming: Dream Meanings Explained.  What do dreams about swimming mean?  According to Cwik, 'Dream meanings really have to take into account the unique conscious attitude of the dreamer. A particular dreamer might associate swimming with a childhood trauma or bring up pleasant memories of a vacation. And there is also what is called a mythopoetic element to consider in which the symbol can effect change, connecting the dreamer to something larger than the ego.'”  But what if a swimmer dreams about swimming?  It all sounds like Oprah-ism bullshit to me.

Lane 6 - From the Winnipeg Free Press comes "Canadians add some heavy metal to easy-listen world of synchronized swimming.  Pounding drums. Piercing guitar riffs. Nose plugs?  The Canadian duet of Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon and Elise Marcotte has introduced heavy metal to the normally easy-listening world of synchronized swimming. The team will use music from Metallica's Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman when its swims the free duet at the world aquatic championships in Shanghai, China." ROCK ON

Lane 7 - Dogs Swimming With The Sharks.  Dog Bites Shark. "dog has a ride on a shark" via youtube

Lane 8 - Athletic Business reports "By Taking Precautions, Pools Can Be Constructed in Winter.  Scheduling pool construction, whether indoors or out, will nearly always be affected by seasonal changes in weather. An average outdoor aquatic facility with a lap pool and a small leisure pool typically takes six to nine months to construct, with those located in colder climates on the longer end of the spectrum because of weather delays. For indoor pools, the pool basins can be constructed before or after the construction of the natatorium structure around it, but it is more typical for the basins to be prepared first, with building contractors taking care not to damage the pool shell during construction."



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