Swimmer's Bisque
The Opening Ceremony - 14th Fina World Championships

Wednesday's Swim Report - Jazz Hands!

Lane 1 - The Globe and Mail has "Can weight training help endurance athletes last longer? Exercise physiologists call it the “principle of specificity”: Swimmers gotta swim, cyclists gotta cycle, runners gotta run. That’s why many endurance athletes believe that other forms of training, like lifting weights, simply waste time that could be devoted to doing more of their main sport...Surprisingly, the limited evidence available on how elite “masters” endurance athletes train (the definition of masters varies from sport to sport, but often refers to the over-40 age group) suggests that they typically spend proportionally less time on strength training than younger elite endurance athletes, says Joe Baker, a kinesiology professor at York University and co-editor of the book The Masters Athlete: Understanding the Role of Sport and Exercise in Optimizing Aging."

Lane 2 - USA Today has "Olympian Janet Evans: Older and back in the swim.  Taking 15 years off from a sport is not supposed to look this easy.  Four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans is cranking out the miles again in the pool and pushing the limits about how late in life active people can excel. After retiring following the 1996 Olympics, she took one of the longest competitive layoffs on record. She started training again 10 months ago in hopes of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic swim trials and competing in the 2012 Olympics."

Lane 3 - Geekosystem has "Swimming Shark Balloon is Amazing, Mesmerizing."

Lane 4 - New Zealand Herald has "Swimming: Board cleanout 'catastrophic'.   Swimming New Zealand bosses have thrown the onus back on their eight stroppy regions, who have demanded a block resignation of the governing body's board."

Lane 5 - Deccan Chronicle has "The right strokes!  The London Olympics is just a few months away but preparations are taking place in full swing already. So much so, India’s first official entry to the Paralympics swimming team is our very own Bengaluru boy Sharath Gayekwad. This 20-year-old-lad from Jain College dreams big and he certainly has the right attitude to go places!"

Lane 6 - Las Vegas Review-Journal has "Las Vegas Triathlon Club adds social aspect to solo sport.  Fundamentally, the sport of triathlon is an individual's game. Swim solo, bike solo, run solo.  But one local club is helping triathletes band together and motivate one another to tackle the challenges as one.  The Las Vegas Triathlon Club welcomes those at all levels of the sport, from sprint to Olympic and onward to half ironman and full ironman levels."

Lane 7 - London 2012 has "Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games." via youtube

Lane 8 - From Swindon-Advertiser "ALL THAT JAZZ: Olympic swimming hopeful Jazz Carlin pens her exclusive column for the Swindon Advertiser."



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