Labor Day Blowout - Sabrina- Boys boys boys (Bollywood version)
Monday's Swim Report - More Classic Beach Fashion Malibu 1965

I Fought The Snooze Button And Won (song to The Clash's I Fought The Law)

Finally!  I finally won the battle with the alarm clock!  I didn't fall prey to the snooze button.  This morning my alarm rang at 5am and I heard the siren of the pavement.  Yup, I went on a short run before swimming!
It wasn't a fast run or a long run.  It's more of a training run.  2.65 miles according to GPS via RunKeeper.  My pace was slow 10:42 but whatever.  It's all baby steps.  So need to push myself as the weeks go on.  This is all just cross training for now.  No big running events planned.  Just trying to have a base already in me. Nike_mon

After that it was swim time.  Here was the workout…
1x500 loosen

4x50 kick - 1 of each stroke on 1:10 (200/700)

4x50 kick/swim - 1 of each stroke on 60 (200/900)

Main Set:

5(1x200 on 3:00, 1x100 IM reverse on 2:00) - descend the 200s (1500/2400)

I took the first 200 easy and did a 2:45 then the rest I picked it up coming in at 2:35, 2:25, 2:20 (evenly split with 1:10's) and then a 2:15 (splits 1:08 and 1:07)  Not bad but not great.  I did also descend the 100 IM's.  Mostly because I was struggling at first during the set and finally felt better and stronger as I swam.

rest a bit then…

8x50 easy pull on :50 - focus on distance per stroke (400/2800)  Not bad for a Monday.  I gotta admit I am feeling better then I have been in the pool.  Slowly getting some speed in me and a bit of endurance.  Well maybe not that 200 that I didn't negative split.  But that is another story.  Just gotta keep motivated and push forward just like this kid...

That vid really makes me smile!  Gotta believe in yourself!


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