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Happy Halloween From Aquaman and Doggie Shark!

30 Minutes To Save The World Freestyle Workout.

Whatever I got "4 Minutes" stuck in my head.  So it's Sunday and since I gotta work I really didn't have much time to swim.  So I got up early and headed to the pool.  I do this for two reasons - 1.  I'm so not a morning person and need to workout to wake up or otherwise be a walking zombie and 2.  I need to swim more and faster.  Sunday I'm on my own since everyone else sleeps in so I can make my own workout.  Or at least steal a workout to swim.  This morning's grand larceny of swimming came from EE Workouts' "Quick Death... Happy Halloween"  Well at least the genesis of the workout.  Here is the workout they posted a 4300 yard workout -

Warm up
800 swim, 200 kick

Three rounds of:
1x300 - 4:15 pull
6x50 - :45 maximum effort (choice)

Kick ladder - :30 per 25
25, 50, 75, 100, 100, 75, 50, 25

12x50 - 1:00 no freestyle

1x400 EZ
=4300 SCY

And what I did...

Warm U:

200 Swim 200 Pull 200 Kick 100 Swim (700)

Main Set:

300 Free on 4:15

6x50's Free on 45

200 Free on 3:00

4x50's Free on 45

The main set was 1,000 yards.  I actually felt okay swimming today.  Wish I had more time to push myself.  I was slow with a 3:55 for the 300 and 2:30 for the 200 but I felt good.  No back pain like earlier this week.  I only had 30 minutes to swim so I had to stop.  I had planned to swim 6x50's fly and back to round up to 2,000 yards but I decdided to get out and get some breakfast.  But at least I got a workout in.


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