Geoff Huegill & Eamon Sullivan Milan
Me Running Out of Water Towards The Tropical Dash Finish Line

Are You Ready For Some...Swimming

57F Air Temp / 82.5F Water Temp.  Winter has arrived!  And with that comes out the swim parka!  Yeah, if it gets below 60F I bundle up.  You may think that is a bit odd that 57F is nothing.  For me I like my air temp warm and my water temp cool.  Now 82.5F is the warmest a pool should ever be and in fact use to think it was too hot.  But a year in heated non-chilled pools I'm okay with 82.5F.  As for the workout itself it wasn't 414863877 much and I was sluggish.  I took Monday off as a recovery day from everything so my body needed to reboot. 

Warm Up

Mixed 450 then 200 Kick.  (650)

I then had a 350 free swimming.  I was sluggish.  I tried to descend by 100's but it wasn't by much.  Was struggling.  (350/1000)

6x50's on 60 2 Fly/2 Back/2 Breast then 1 Spint 50 Fly/Back (300/1300)

4x50's on 1:10 Breast then 1 Sprint 50 Breast/Free (200/1500)

Then I just killed some time with some easy pulling.  By 50 I was doing breath control 3/4, 5/6, 7/2, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 (300/1800)

Then another 100 I think doing 25's taking out lane lines.  (100/1900)  We took the lane lines out even though it was below 60F and the aqua fit folks don't officially have class if it's under 60F.  That and the fact that only 6 noodlers were around but yet needed the whole pool.  They'll be gone soon enough as it's colder every morning. 

I'll be back in the gym today, swim and gym tomorrow, only gym on Thursday and back in the water on Friday.  Have a 7am meeting on Thursday so no swimming.  Grrr! 


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