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As I Get Slower and Slower Workout

Oy!  Well no swim meet for me this weekend.  Anyways after taking a day off to just sit on the couch and watch Charlies Angels, Prime Suspect, L&O SVU and The Rosie show it was time to get going and work out.  So I set my alarm last night to wake me up at 6am.  But forgot to plug in my phone for the alarm, doh.  Luckily I was having a horrible night for sleeping and was tossing and turning all night long.  Woke up automatically without the clock.  About 6:35ish I headed to the pool for a quick swim. 

I made the workout up as I went.

Warm Up

200 Swim / 200 Kick / 200 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles (800)

4x50's on Free on 45

I had in the back of my mind that those 4x50's were to get myself into gear for a longer swim but instead they left me feeling defeated and a slow poke.  So I switched it up to some IM. (200/1000)

8x50's Kick/Swim.  Fly/Back/Breast/Free/Free/Breast/Back/Fly (400/1400)

I really thought I could kick the cobwebs out of my body and mind and get going but that didn't happen.

Umm...I did something here.  Some stroke 50's I think?  Shit!  What did I do?  I think 4x50's one of each stroke.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  (200/1600)

I then did 8x50's Pulling on 60.  Breathing by 50 every 3/4/5/7 and repeat.  (400/2000)

Then I decided to swim 4x50's on 50 then 4x50's on 40.  (400/2400)

I wanted to see how I held up on 40.  Since I've been swimming on very slow intervals I really wanted to see how I could hold up.  I was coming in on 34's.  Not great at all.  By the third one I had it in my head that I need to get to my old intervals.  That right now I gotta make that my goal.  This going slow and slower shit hasta' stop.  Hopefully I can keep that in my mind and push myself on those mornings when I don't want to.  As for the rest of the day I'm going to eat, change and head to the 11am Group Kick (kickboxing) class.  No swimming tomorrow since I'm working a morning shift.  Grrr...


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