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At Least I Got A Run In.

At least I got a run in.  This morning I headed to the gym super early so I could attempt to get a run in outside before the 6:45am Group Ride / Spin Class.  I like the 6:45 instructor but I can't make enough of her classes so it was my goal.  I had to work at 9am today so swimming wasn't in the cards.  I could have but it would have been a tight time squeeze.  So I got to the gym and put my stuff in a locker and headed out.  I put on my light arm band and my new clip light.  I just did a random run around the gym.  Getting in a tad less then 4 miles. 3point9four
Okay so 3.94.  I only used my Nike+ Sportband and not any phone GPS apps cuz' my damn phone didn't charge last night, again.  When I walked in the gym I realized I lost my brand new light clip.  Doh!  So I went outside for another run backtracking a bit of my run.  Point8four
I only did the last part cuz' I remember going over the bridge and looking down and seeing it on me.  But I still wasn't able to locate it.  Damn!  I just got it last week.  Damn it!  Anyways I didn't have any more time to kill running since the class was starting soon. 

I was able to get a front row seat in the class.  Gotta admit wish I had more time in between the run and class.  More time and a quick snack.  I finished the class even though I was tempted to leave early. 

On my way home I was stopped at a stop sign and noticed a crushed light on the corner.  I found my light all crushed on the street.  I guess I'll hafta buy another one now.  So sad.  Maybe I should just stop running in the dark?


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