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Shark Attack! Bus!

Body Rejects Salt Water! STAT, Chlorine Infusion Needed!

My body was rejecting salt water. had a quick 30 minute chlorine infusion. Feel much better now.  Well sorta better!  I really don't get why anyone would prefer swimming in a non-swimming pool swimming event.  Open water is nasty!  Last night I was so feeling ill.  My nasal passages were feeling horrible as I got some salt water in my nose yesterday.  I gotta admit my nasal passages are still not normal.  Not to be gross but I got salt water phlegm still. 

I came home last night, ate dinner and took a nap.  I then woke from my nap and went to bed.  This morning I woke up and went right to the pool.  Since I gotta work today I only did a 30 minutes swim.  Just to get the horrible salt water out of my system.

Did a mixed 500 swim and pull.

4x50's Kick on 1:05 (200/700)

4x50's Free drill 25/swim 25 on 1:05 (200/900)

4x50's on 1:05 Fly/Back by 25 (200/1100)

Then an easy 100.  (100/1200)

Not a big deal of a swim but a swim just to swim.  On top of the salt water issues it's fucking freezing outside.  A cold front has hit and it was 50F this morning outside.  I so made the mistake of only wearing shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops.  I guess I'll haft find my swim parka later today.  I hate winter almost as much as I hate salt water.


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