Go Swim - Cam on Head
Friday's Swim Report - The Speedos-sporting Personal Trainer.

Group Swimming By Myself

One day off and the wheels fell off.  That is how I felt this morning after taking yesterday off from swimming.  Not that it was a choice as I had a meeting at 7:30am.  I wasn't a slacker yesterday I just didn't swim.  I actually went to the 5:45am Spinning (Group Ride) Untitled Class then some lunges on the smith machine after.  Then I took a nap and headed back to the gym.  Now I sorta have started to run a bit again.  Now I got new sneakers but still just breaking them in.  I ran .88 miles on Wednesday with them but got blisters.  So I was back to my older sneakers yesterday when I ran on the treadmill for a bit while watching my soap.  I'm going to try to warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes so at least I'm getting some running in.  Plus I keep promising myself to get up a bit earlier and go running before swimming.  On my second trip to the gym I did run as you can see 3.28 miles.  I then did 10x10's on box jumps on 60.  Then did 10 rounds of wall chairs or whatever they are called.  And that was it.  So leg day.  I have a swim meet next weekend so going to do a slight taper next week. 

As for today's sluggish swim...

Mixed 500 warm up then 4x50's kick with fins.  Ouchie!  Did I mention I have blisters from my new sneakers?  Also while running yesterday I realized I need to trim my toe nails.  Felt that this morning while kicking.  (700)

Main Set:

4x200's Free Descending on 3 minutes.  Easy interval.  I did a 2:34, 2:27, 2:24 and a 2:15 I think.  Doh, can't remember.  I think it was a 2:15.  I so can't really remember all the intervals.  Damn me! (800/1500)

Short Rest

6x100's on 1:40.  Fist/Catchup/Pace/Sprint by 25.  (600/2100)

Short Rest

6x50's on 60 Pulling W/ Paddles going fast.  (300/2400)

Felt okay during that set.  Struggled at first.  I was alone doing the set which sometimes hurts me.  Not physically but more mentally since I dont' have someone to push me.  My mind starts to wander to other places.  Which isn't good.  Now the 100's were to be swum w/fins but after my 1st one I took them off.  Later I just warmed down a 150 so 2,550 yard swim.

I'll be back at the gym for the last day of the release of Group Power before it changes on Monday.  I may also practice with one of the Group X instructors the new release of Group Active.  Got to remember to text her and see if she still wants to do it.  Tomorrow I'll swim a short workout and the same for Sunday.  Working this weekend so going to squeeze it in before work.  I also want to take a Group Ride Class tomorrow before work so it'll be a touch squeeze.


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