Lindenwood Swim Sneak Peak Practice
Wednesday's Swim Report - Some Tech With Your Swim

In Butterfly It's Not Jazz Hands, It's Soft Hands!

Brrr...another brisk morning but at least the water was warm.  Actually that isn't a good thing.  I'd like the pool to be cooler but whatever.  This morning it was a hike down to Leesburg to swim at 5:30am.  The covers were on the pool so it kept it warm but way down from just a few weeks ago.

The Workout:

1x500 loosen.  Okay I only did a 450.  I mixed it up with some stroke work in between pulling, drilling and swimming.

3x100 kick on 2:10 with fins.   Did mostly fly with some back kick.  (300/750)

6x50 drill/swim on 1:00.  I did odds free and evens stroke.  (300/1050)

4(150 breathing 5, 4, 3 by 50 on 2:40, 75 pks on 1:40, 25 sprint on :40).  The 150's I did freestyle pulling without paddles then I did the 75/25 fly/fly/back/fly by round.  My first round fly sucked.  My second round was a bit better but fucked up my finish.  I just wasn't paying attention and started my last stroke just as I was about to crash into the wall.  Guess I was sleep swimming.  The last one fly was okay.  I really was thinking about soft hand entry and all that other stuff.  (1000/2050) My obsession with my soft hands is all Go Swim's fault with last weeks video update "Butterfly - Soft Hands" via youtube

6x75 pull with paddles and pull buoys breathe every 3 on 1:20.  Nice and easy.  All that shoulder action during Group Power yesterday started to take it's toll.  Took off the paddle's on the last 75. (400/2450)

25s with insightful commentary.  Meh...did 2 butterfly drilling.  (50/2500)

An okay workout.  Today will hit the gym.  Can't decide on weights or a class. 


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