Saturday's Swim Report - Inspired By A True Hollywood Movie Comes...
Michael Phelps - Mazda 6 TV Commercial CHINA 2009.

My Daiquiri Desk Tropical Splash Swim

DOH!  Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Swim.  Not desk!  DOH!

I'm too tired to think but I did okay for my first open water swim.  I didn't get attacked by a shark so that is a win! IMG_20111001_103423
I came in first in my age group and third overall.  Not too bad.  I only did the 1K Swim.  I was a bit nervous since I've never done any open water swim and didn't know how to spot and all that.  I think if I had a few gulf/ocean swims before today I would have done a bit better.  I couldn't tell how far things were away from me.  So I was going slow but steady.  Just trying to stay on course and not get attacked by a shark.  Actually the shark thing wasn't in my mind.  All I did think about was staying on course.  I started off with almost a water polo stroke.  But then calmed down a bit.  Keeping to a looksie every 4 strokes and by the end every 8.  IMG_20111001_104355 They didn't even give me a fun number.  65 WTF?  I also gotta say that I don't think I ever want to do another open water swim.  The sand and salt water is nasty.  People are all over the place.  I got hit, pushed, kicked, cut off...grrr.  I was about to make my hands into fists and go all windmill on a few folks.  I really don't know why anyone would want to do open water.  Waves splashing all over.  Fishes.  Sharks.  Salt Water.  I am a pool guy.  

Here is a slideshow of pictures of the beach from the day before and just 4 or so from the day of the race.


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