Go Swim - Freestyle - Heavy Hand Side Kick
Tuesday's Swim Report - When LED Jellyfish Attack!

Not So Much Into The Swim of Things

It was a back to basics morning swim workout for me this morning and boy did I need it.  I feel like my swimming has been hit or miss. I know I'm not swimming on my older faster intervals and my workouts are a lot shorter so I shouldn't be having really awful days.  I should just be muddling along.  But today just wasn't a muddle day it was a horrible day.  Last night I was beat so I went to bed early but even with a good nights sleep I woke up just not feeling it.  Yesterday was a crazy day with me taking Group Power at 5:45 then working the morning shift that was a bit crazy then I took back to back Group Kick and Group Grove.  My legs!  Well at least it should have been my legs but it was my shoulders and latts feeling super stiff.

Warm Up

Mixed 400 then 200 kick. (600)

Main Set:
2x50's on 45

100 on 1:30

200 on 3:00

300 on 4:30

300 on 4:30

200 on 3:00

100 on 1:30

2x50's on 45.

The second half was to be swum faster then the first part.  Now that was easy cuz' I was so slow at first.  The first part was more of a warm up.  I did a 1:25, 2:40, 4:00 then a 3:35, 2:25 and a 1:09.  The 50's were to warm up and then stretch out so I wasn't worried about my times.  I wanted to be under 1:15's or the first half and 1:10's for the second half.  But that so didn't happen. (1400/2000)  I was also swimming this set on my own so I had to rely on myself to push me which didn't work so well at first.  I wanted to stop and restart the start since I was feeling so stiff.

8x50's easy on 1:15 Free/Fly by 25 for 4 then Free/Back (400/2400)

Then I did a few 1/2 lappers doing a fly drill with the coach.  Then warmed down a 100 unhooking the lanes for the staff.  (100/2500)  So 2,500 horrible yards.  Hopefully I'll be back to the swim of things tomorrow.


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