2011 British Gas Swimming Championships Highlights - Part 1
Friday's Swim Report - AQUAMAN is so cool!

Octoberfest - On The Road To Recovery...

Looking good, feeling great. 

Okay maybe not great but much much better.  I took Thursday off from swimming and slept all the way in till 8am.  Then after putzing around in the morning I was off to the gym.  Once at the gym I decided to go for a short run to warm up.  I ran just the 2 mile loop around the gym.  As I was almost done with my run a big giant Beer Stein drove by me.  Seriously!
When I was done with my run it was gym time for some weights.  Worked on chest and arms.  When I checked my phone Runkeeper sent me an email about my run.
At least it's a record for my very few Runkeeper runs.  This morning it was "Up And Atom" to go swimming.  My back felt a bit stiff when I woke up but I still headed to the pool.  I figured I'd just go slow.  But I was feeling pretty good and pushed myself for the 300's and 100's.  Not blazing fast but still not bad considering this week has been a bad week.  I didn't even start to do any flip turns to the 6th 50.  Was saving my back.  Now we were to kick 3x100's but I wasn't using fins and was so slow basically I kicked a 250 with no rest and stopped.

450 MIxed Warm Up
2x100's Kick then a 50 Kick (700)

Main Set:
6x50's on 55 (300)
2x300's on 5:00 (600/900/1600)
3x100's on 1:40(300/1200/1900)
3x50's on 55 (150/1350/2050)

And that was it.  My first 300 I was a bit slow.  I came in on about 3:57.  That gave me a minute rest but that's like 1:20 per 100.  My second I was a bit faster at 3:35.  I was shooting for under 3:30.  But considering I've had a bit of back pain this week it's okay.  My 100's were sad.  I did 1:19, 1:15 and a 1:12.  I was getting tired and my back was beginning to feel off.  I don't want to say I'm in pain but I can feel a bit of strain.  So I just took it easy.  And I really did see big giant beer stein as later I took a picture of it driving by... 434470381It was Octoberfest!  Today it's some gym time.  Just going to take Group Power but take it easy on the back.  No need to kill myself.


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