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Tuesday's Swim Report - Halloween Pumpkin Plunge

Ouchie! The Problems Of Getting Old and The Pain That Goes With Them!

Last night I went to Boot Camp then Group Ride (Spinning.)  For Boot Camp I was doing okay but twisted my back the wrong way.  At first I thought it was no big deal.  Even with Group Ride right after I figured it was just a bad twist and it would go away.  Well this morning I woke up and boy I could hardly move.  I really twisted my lower back really good.  Getting dressed to go swimming was a challenge.  Once at the pool I was okay.  But getting dressed after swimming was a pain.  Wish I could spend the whole day in water.

Warm Up

450 Mixed

150 Kick

A very slow 600 warm up.  Talk about slow motion.  I felt okay in the water but flip turns were so not happening.

300 Swim 50 Free/50 Back.  I was trying to see if I was going to be able to swim the workout or not.  (300/900)

3x150's Push the middle 50 (450/1350)  Well more like just try to finish them. 

4x50's Free.  Easy down / Sprint back.  (200/1550)

And that was it.  I had to get out.  Like I said the swimming wasn't so bad but getting dressed and driving home was a killer.  Wish I could call in sick and just stay in bed today.


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