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Saturday's Swim Report - Pool Party Rules

Pre-Halloween Relay Fun!

Well not me I was a judge!  But, Boy do I make a sad looking Aquaman!  Later I'll have to upload a picture of me as Aquaman and Luwdig "Willy" as a shark.  Before the 10pm Halloween Parade and Swim Relay I did my own little swim.  I wasn't really feeling up to it this morning but I did swim. 

Warm Up
500 then 200 Kick (700)

300 sad little swim then another 100.  It was suppose to be a pace 500.  My lack of food and caffeine started to give me the shakes.  I stopped and drank some gatorade. (400/1100)

10x50's on 60 (500/1600)

That was it.  An easy day at the pool.   I went home ate a good breakfast and showered.  Then put on my sad excuse of an Aquaman costume and headed back to the pool to judge.  I snapped a few photos with my phone. 

As you can tell everyone had fun.  I loved the costume with one person being "A Plug for SwimOutlet" and the other being a "Swim Outlet" as in power outlet.  They had to be able to swim 50 yards in the costume!  You can see the pictures better in my gallery on Facebook.


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