Rebecca Adlington swims with young swimming star - British Gas Swimming
Wednesday's Swim Report - London Calling

This Is Halloween. This Is Gagaween. This is Swimoween!

Once a song gets in my head when I'm swimming it stays in my head.  Sometimes it's an old favorite, sometimes it the last song I've heard on my iPod or the last song I heard before taking off the wall that is on the radio at the pool.  Then sometimes it's just a song haunting my mind.  This morning's song was Holiday themed with "This Is Halloween".

Maybe it's because it's a week before Halloween, or the fact that the pool is Leesburg doesn't have any lights in it so it's dark while swimming.  Well that and we only removed part of the pool covers so the deep end right next to my line was still covered.  I kept thinking that a gator from the lake would be under the covers.  It was creepy swimming next to this pitch dark pool of water.  Guess I shouldn't have watched Halloween last night.  Then again "This is Halloween" has always been a favorite of mine only to be spoofed this year in Gaga-fashion.

Hmm...maybe I should be Gaga as a mermaid for Halloween?

The Workout

1x450 loosen

4x100 kick with fins on 2:15 - can do the last 1 breast (400/850)

4x175 on 3:00 - catch-up on the odd lengths (600/1450)  I did flip turns for the first one but my back was acting up so open turns for the rest.  It wasn't a pretty swim today.  It was me stretching out hoping just to be able to swim.

6x100 descending on 1:40 (600/2050)  I did these backstroke and well not at all descending.  I did a 1:27, 1:22, 1:17, 1:19, 1:20 and a 1:17.  I was doing open turns for most of it.  Tried a few flip turns but boy they were ugly. 

4x75 pull with paddles, etc. on 1:20 (300/2350).  Slow as molases with open turns.  I was struggling.

50 easy (50/2400)

My back is better then it was yesterday but feeling just a small tweak.  I'm going to take it easy for the rest of today.  No gym time again.  Yesterday I fought the temptation to workout.  It's hard but I know I'll heal faster if I lay off working out.  Think I'll just sit on the couch with the dog and watch scary Halloween films all day long.  Maybe something about crocs or sea creatures.


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