A Bit of Fly Mixed In This Morning.
Speedo - Dee Keane's Unforgettable Swim

Wednesday's Swim Report - OMG! Be Bright Pink!

damn Group Kick!  I can't get you out of my head…Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Ohh my gosh!

Lane 1 - The Naperville Sun has "Swimmers fight breast cancer.  Cross-town rivals came together in bright pink swim caps to compete and to raise money for a relatively new organization that provides awareness, education and resources for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer." bebrightpink.org

FinisLane 2 - Ubergizmo posts "Finis Positive Drive Fins.  Swim like a fish, or so the saying goes. While even the best of us out there such as Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps are able to leave the rest of the competition in their wake as they take to water, they are but mortals when compared to fish. Still, that doesn’t mean our human spirit is about to give up on improving ourselves, which is why we’ve developed tools since time immemorial to help us out in our everyday tasks. The Finis Positive Drive Fins is said to be able to help one go further and faster with less effort, where they were specially designed for correct propulsion with all swim strokes."

Lane 3 - The Swimmers Circle posts "Florida Women Get Huge Verbal from Top Sprinter.    Gregg Troy and the Florida Gators received a huge verbal committment yesterday when CollegeSwimming.com’s #13-ranked Natalie Hinds made a verbal committment to swim for the Gators in the fall of 2012."

Lane 4 - Star Africa has "Swimming/World cup (25m- Dubai) : Chad Le Clos, Dubaï Illustration_Natation_Af_Du_Sud_Chad_le_Closprince.  With six victories the South African became the undisputed champion of the first stage of short course swimming played in Dubaï. He ruled on butterfly and 4 strokes.  Besides the medals, Chad Le Clos had wonderful time clock on 100 m butterfly of 50 "66 and 1'52" 14 and ranked 55th of 200 m in the same category. On his side, the Kenyan Jason Dunford  also stood out by winning two gold medals in 100 m Nl and 50 butterfly. The next outing for these swimmers is scheduled from 15 to 16 October in Stockholm (Sweden)."

Lane  5 - CBS Marketwatch posts "ALFA Helps Fight Ageism with New Partnership Promoting Senior Olympics Documentary.  ALFA, the leading voice for professionally-managed, consumer-driven senior living communities, is partnering with the PBS documentary Age of Champions to spread the film's uplifting message to senior communities across the country.  Age of Champions is the inspiring story of a group of athletes--a 100-year-old tennis champion, an 86-year-old pole vaulter, a pair of swimming brothers, and a team of basketball grandmothers--all chasing gold at the National Senior Games. The film is available to ALFA members as part of a nationwide "Host a Screening" campaign to help battle ageism and encourage the highest quality of life for seniors."

Lane 6 - Engadget posts "European blue Wii bundle takes Mario & Sonic to the Olympics, sends US gamers home without a medal.  You didn't expect the Olympics to land in London Mariosonicbox2di79870p-1318311532without a video game tie-in snapping at its heels, did you? Of course not, but did you expect it to be bundled with a powder-blue console? Here's the skinny: Nintendo's Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympic Games Limited Edition Pack..."

Lane 7 - Business Week posts "Walsh, Sanders join Kellogg Olympic campaign.  U.S. Olympic Committee sponsor Kellogg Company will feature Kerri Walsh, Summer Sanders and five others as part of its campaign leading into the 2012 London Olympics…Sanders won four medals for swimming at the Barcelona Games. They're highlighted in a campaign that will focus on the importance of eating a good breakfast as part of a sound strategy for success.  Other athletes on "Team Kellogg" are Juan Agudelo (soccer), Michael Landers (table tennis), Rebecca Soni (swimming), Casey Tibbs (paralympics) and Dwight Phillips (athletics)."

Lane 8 - The Examiner posts "Shark Attack in St Pete!!  A local 19-year old woman was swimming behind her home in the waters of Boca Ciega Bay when a shark grabbed her.  Swimming only 10-12 yards from her own backyard dock she was attacked by a shark in the murky water."


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