Uncle Toby's Swim Kids - Swim Kids Lesson 6: Kicking and paddling
Friday's Swim Report - Some Gator Soup On A Cold Day

When Did 50F Become Freezing?

Summer is over.  Fall is over.  The Winter Tundra Ice is apon us!  Maybe for you midwestern folks 50F is summer but for me it's winter.  This morning I bundled up in my swim parka, put on my gloves and headed to the pool.  Brrrrr.....

Warm Up

Mixed 450 then 4x100's (Pull/Kick/Kick/Swim) one of each stroke (850)

At this point I knew I was stiff.  My shoulders and arms just didn't want to move.  It was too damn cold.  My butterfly was sad almost remedial butterfly.  I just couln't get my arms out of the water.  My shoulders wanted to stay under the water and never feel the cold cold air.

6x150's (125 then a 25 sprint)  25 Fly/50 Back/ 50 Breast stop then 25 Sprint (fly/back/breast and repeat) (900/1750)

And that was it.  It was almost too cold to chat after the swim.  It was hop out of the water and run to the heated locker room.  I hate winter!  After work today I'm heading to Target to buy a knit cap and some warmup pants.  Do they make battery operated heated pants?


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