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British Paralympic Gold medallist, Ellie Simmonds (London 2012)

3/3/3 The New Pizza - Tax Deal or The Three's Have It.

A nice mild morning made getting up and swimming an easy task.  Well mild temp wise as it was just drizzling on my way to the pool.  But once at the pool it had stopped raining.  Once in the water I felt pretty good.  But that didn't last too long.

Mixed 400 warm up then 3x100's kick.  (700)

Main Set:
3x100's Catch-Up Drill  on 1:40 (300)
3x300's on 4:30 Descending (900/1200)
3x100's Swim on 1:30 Descending (300/1500/2200)

2x50's on 60 warmdown (100/2300)

I think the 3x100's catch-up drill just destroyed me.  I've never been a good driller.  Let's face it my technique is pretty bad but for some reason I'm able to pull it together to get okay swim times.  But once you start pulling it apart in drill work all my weaknesses start to show.  I was so tired by the last 100 drill.  I wanted to take extra rest before starting the 300's.  I didn't and the first 300 was breath control breathing every 3.  Now the whole point of the catch-up drill followed by alternate side breathing was to get me on my side and rotate.  Well it ended up creating yet another new bad habit while swimming.  Seems my left foot is moving over to the left and my foot is becoming an anchor.  By the last 3x100's my coach had mentioned this to me so I was trying to correct it.  But it was almost too late.  I did descend the 300's with a 4:05, 4:55 and then a 4:35ish.  I had a hard time reading the clock.  Getting my splits was almost impossible.  The first two 300's I was doing open turns on the 100 mark to try and see the clock.  Swimming in the dark the clock was right under one of the deck lights so I just saw a blurred vision of light.  My 100's I messed up the 2nd one and didn't see the clock but I finished with a 1:07.  Not the greatest swim but not so bad. 

I've had a lot going on the last few days so I haven't been getting any gym time in.  No classes and no weight training.  I haven't even ran since Monday.  But yesterday for the 1st time I had time after a morning meeting to get in a Pilates class.  Never taken Pilates before.  Don't know if I'll ever take another one again.  It just really wasn't my thing.  Although it was only one class.  I guess if like yesterday I have time to kill when a class is happening I"ll take it but that will most likely never come up again.  Today I'm aiming for the noon time / lunch crowd Group Power Class.


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