Tuesday's Swim Report - Men In Speedos Attack Bookstore. People Ask, What Is A Bookstore

Back To Work, I mean Back To Swim.

Let's see what did I swim today…

Warm Up
200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles
Then 3x100's 25 Pull/50Kick/25 Swim on 1:50 (800)

Main Set:
500 on 7:30
4x250's on 4:00 (50 Catchup/200 Swim) Descending. (1500/2300)

Hmm…lots of math involved in this workout.  Since it's already been an hour as I came home, ate breakfast and sat with my coffee watching Bill Clinton @clintonbook on Morning Joe I'll try to remember how I did.  My 500 was okay it was just to get on pace and I started off a bit slow but picked away to come in about a 6:40.  I'm guessing as I remember thinking that I was averaging a 1;20 base.  As for the 250's I tried at first to swim my 50 catch up drill then look a the clock to get a start time for the 200 swim.  Which worked on a 200 by 200 basis but by the 2nd 200 I was trying to remember the previous 200 and then the math fell apart.  So I took each 250 on it's own just picking up the pace.  And boy did I descend.  These are approximations but I was a 3:57, 3:46, 3:36 and a 3:27.  I'm doing some guessing as I'd touch the wall and turn to see the clock.  The last two 250's I knew that at the 200 mark I had to be at 2:30 at the very least to get faster.  I so need to get some money to get one of those Finis Swimsense watches to do my math for me.  Grrr…As you know already I love infographics about running and use Nike+ and Runkeeper.  I also use DailyMile to keep up with friends who run all over the USofA.  Now I'm logging all my workouts on yet another site call Fitocracy.  What can I say I over share... FITOCRACYThe cool thing about it is that it does upload my Runkeeper data.  Everything else is sorta a pain in the ass.  Only general classes are listed.  Now I know Swimsense data ca be uploaded to Runkeeper but don't know if that can then be uploaded to Fitocracy.  Maybe someone at Finis knows.  Anyways, I'm gonna try it out for a while.  More infographics will hopefully keep me motivated.

I then just did a very easy, slow and stop n' go 100 warm down.  So a 2,400 yard workout.  I gotta admit I was feeling yesterday's gym time in my shoulders and back.  Guess going up in weight has yet to pay off in the pool.


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