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Sunday's Swim Report - PSA: Not Everyone Should Run In A Speedo

Bah Humbug! Yeah3X! Things Stuck In My Head For 300.

Yeah3X.  Got that song stuck in my head.  But the version from Group Kick (kickboxing.)  I guess that was a good thing as the radio at the pool blows big time.  I don't know how they do it but they find the worst holiday songs ever made and play them over and over and over again.  Really need to think about getting me one of those swim mp3 things. 

As for the swim here it is via emial:

1x500 loosen

1x200 kick with fins

3x100 with fins on 1:40 - swim, kick, pull, build

6x50 on :50 focus on distance per stroke

5x300 on 4:20 - descend the odds, pace the evens

6x50 on :50 with paddles and fins - go hard!

And how I swam it:

Broke up the 500 to 200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles (500)

The 200 kick was free with fins.  Nice and easy.  (200/700)

The 3x100's went okay.  Was feeling a bit sleepy but I blame it on the music I heard while kicking.  I swear they plaid some mix of some xmas tune mixed with the funeral march song. (300/1000)

6x50's went swimmingly.  Was trying to get my heart rate up.  (300/1300)

Now the fun part.  5x300's.  My first one I stretched it out and did a 3:50.  My second and fourth 300 I did a 3:45.  So I was able to keep at a moderate pace.  My third 300 I did a 3:40 while I picked it up and did a 3:30 for my last 300.  (1500/2800)

Caught my breath and started with the 6x50's.  I didn't use fins as I really don't kick.  I was coming in on the 30 for these.  (300/3100)

So 3,100 yards in about an hour.  Not to bad.  Now for breakfast and Group Kick at 11.  Yesterday I didn't swim but did Group Ride (Spinning.)


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