Wednesday's Swim Report - Global Warming Are Making For Faster Fish & Hungrier Sharks

Gimme All Your Swim

Gimme All Your Swim.  My swimming, running and life in general is powered by music.  The latest Madonna "Gimme All Your Love" fueled this mornings workout. 
Warm Up
550 - Mixed.  Was working on my hand entry on my left side since yesterday the coach noticed I was doing some funky thing with my hand.  We then did 3x100's kick on 2:10.  (850)

Main Set:
3x50's on 50 (150)
3x100's on 1:40 (300/450)
2x150's on 2:30 (300/750)
3x100's on 1:40 (300/1050)
3x50's on 50 (150/1200/2050)

So as you can see the base was 50 seconds.  Now the first 1/2 was breathing every 3.  The second half was to be faster and I got to use paddles. Wahoo!    So by the first round of 100's I was flying.  I felt good.  I'm trying to remember my times.  I think my fastest one was a 1:09.  Then once the paddles were on I was feeling super fast.  The 150 my first 100 was a 1:07.   Grrr…I don't remember my 150 times.  Just more then a bit faster on the 2nd 150.  Then my second round of 100's I did a 1:03, 1:03 and 1:02.  I gotta admit I was very happy with my times today with and without paddles. 

After I just did an easy 50 for 2,100 yards.  And that was it.  Today I'll get some gym time in with Group Power and maybe Group Kick.


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