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Monday's Swim Report - Girl Power!

Monday & My Lucky 13!

It's Monday.  I got out of the bed and swam.  Actually I woke up before my alarm.  I still wanted to stay in bed.  But I got out...

Lvevel13450 Mixed Warm Up then a 150 Kick (600)

4x50's on 60 DPS (200/800)

Main Set -
8x200's Free Descending.
First 4 on 3:00
5 & 6 on 3:10 Broken at the 100 with 10 sec rest
7 & 8 on 3:20 Broken at 50's with 5 sec rest.

Umm..I did descend.  The first 2 I pulled to slow me down and started with a 2:40.  I finished with like a 2:27ish on the fourth one.  The broken 100's I was 1:12/1:13 with a 2:25.  Then it's all a blur.  (1600/2400)

We then did 4x50's FAST on 60.  I used paddles.  (200/2600)

It was an okay workout.  Once my body woke up I was doing pretty well.  Not too bad for a Monday.  Yesterday after swimming I did Group Ride via the dvd class thingy.  I did one of the climb songs three times since I don't care for much of the music on the release I've been practicing with.

Oh and I'm at Level 13 on Fitocracy whatever that means. 


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