This is where Aquaman changes into his suit (Fishtank Phone Booth, Japan)
Monday's Swim Report - Blue Blob Attacks Swimmer and Good Taste

My Monday Reboot - Running, Booting and Powering.

Every week I sit down and look what my work week is going to be and then look at the class schedule and try to map out what I intend to do for the week.  Of course stuff happens and changes best laid plans.  Last night I got asked to go to work early so I had to skip swimming.  So instead of swimming I decided to attack the gym.  Which would start with a run outside around the gym. Nov7_runkeeper_run
Since I had to be at work at 5am I was able to go out for a run pretty early in the day.  The location of the gym offers me a few different loops to run around.  I gotta admit I started with the idea I'd do the short 2 mile loop but was feeling pretty good and decided to try the other part of the loop which is a bit longer.  I can expand on this route or loop to make it a 5 mile run which I should do.  I've been a lazy runner of late.  Not running that much and when running short distances.  Gotta change that.  But at least I picked up a little speed out on my run. Bestof_runkeeper
After the run I cooled off and headed towards the 10:45 Boot Camp Class.  Even though I wanted to take the class I wasn't too movitated in the class.  I just wanted to get it over with.  I actually felt some pain during some jumping jacks.  I didn't stretch enough after the run is my guess.  Then after Boot Camp I stayed for the 12:00 Group Power Class.  Yeah, my arms will be sore tomorrow.  But in a good way.  I needed a kick in my ass to get myself into gear.  After feeling pretty good in swimming my last two or three weeks seem to have been all over the map.  Feel that I am lacking in strength and endurance in the pool.  Hopefully by pushing my crosstraining I'll get some power in the water.


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