A catch up with Keri-anne Payne - British Gas Swimming
Tuesday's Swim Report - The 2nd Greatest Split In Swimming

Swim, Power, Kick, Run and Swim Some More

Okay so maybe I did too much yesterday.  After swimming I felt really good yesterday so I hit the gym big time. Maybe too much as I felt it this morning.

Warm Up

Mixed 400 then 200 Kick (600)

Main Set

4x50's Backstroke (Drill/Swim) on 60 (200/800)

200 Back Swim (200/1000)

4x50's Backstroke on 1:10.  Faster then the 200 pace.  (200/1200)

4x50's Breaststroke on 1:15 (200/1400)

And that was it.  1,400 yard swim.  Good thing it was an easy workout as I didn't feel it.  Normally my bannana in the morning is enough to hold me but today my stomach was grumbling and my body was aching.  Oh well. 

Yesterday at the gym I took the noon time Group Power Class then stayed for the 1pm Group Kick.  Two days of Group Kick in a row is almost too much.  Then after that I went out for a  quick 2 mile run.  I felt all that leg work today while swimming.  Of course the wine from last night wasn't exactly a smart thing to do.  Nov28I think I'll let my body rest today.  I want to go spinning but I should listen to my legs and give them the day off. 


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