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The Day Before The Day of Eating

Wahoo...National Pig Out Day!  Since I'll be eating and not swimming I had to push myself a bit harder then I normally would for an IM day.

Easy Day!  Well not so easy.  Today's workout forced me to push myself in my backstroke and IM.  I will admit sometimes I use backstroke as active recovery time.  But today I was pushing myself.

First was the warm up.  Mixed 500 then 200 Kick.

Main Set:
10x100's on 1:40.  I did odds reverse IM and evens backstroke. I pushed myself to get to 1:15's.  Mostly I missed but was under 1:20's.  My last two were 1:15's.  (1000/1700)

Then 8x50's Pull easy on 60. (400/2100)

Not too bad.

Yesterday after swim I headed to the gym.  At the gym took the 12pm Group Ride (spinning) Class.  Tough class today.  Don't know why but I felt so tired.  After class I rested and refueled then hit the pavement for a run. Nov224.67 mile loop.  This is the 2nd time I've done this loop.  This time it was a bit safer then last time.  Less dodging of folks in golf carts on the paths.  I guess the snowbirds have left for the holiday weekend. 

With no swimming for me tomorrow I'm going to try and go out for a run.  Today I'm just going to take Group Power and call it a day. 


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