Northern Arena swimming tips with Dean Kent. Breaststroke.
Thursday's Swim Report - Some Outrage With The News

Fighting The Voices In My Head Workouts

Yesterday after the 12pm Group Power Class I headed out for a short run.  Nothing too long.  Just a chance to be outside for a bit. 1214runI didn't really have a route planned so I sorta winged it.  Not always a good idea for running.  I ran over the street bridge and headed to the older section which I've never been before.  I wasn't really in the mood to run and felt like crap while running.  But I really need to cross train more with running. 

This morning it was back in the pool time...

I sooo took my time jumping in the pool today.  Talk about unmotivated.  My warm up was a lazy stroll down the pool for 400 yards then 3x100's kick (1 fly / 1 back /1 breast) (700 warmup)

Main Set:
4 Rounds -
100 Catch Up Freestyle on 1:40
3x50's Switches on 55 (Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free)
150 on 2:30 (50 Breast, 50 Back, 50 Fly)

Why so much breaststroke?  I hate breaststroke!  I screwed up the intervals more then once.  During the 2nd round when the coach was talking to me.  Then the last round cuz' math is hard!  (1600/2300)  Towards the end I was really hating on breaststroke.  Kept thinking I should cheat during the damn horrible stroke.  The whole workout I was having negative thoughts.  Really wasn't a good workout for me this morning but I did fight the voices in my head and finished the set just the same.

Warmed down a 100 25 finger tip / 25 pull.  (100/2400)

So 2,400 yards for the morning.


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