Tuesday's Swim Report - I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking pool!"
Wednesday's Swim Report - Fancy Pants Swimmers

It's Swimsuit Season!

It's 39F degrees outside so you know what that means?  Swimsuit season has arrived!  Huh?  I get home from the pool and the first email in my box is from Neiman Marcus promoting the "New Swim Collections."  Oy!  As for my swim well it went a lot easier Swimwearthen I was expecting. After 4 Group Ride (Spinning) Classes yesterday in a row I thought my legs would be toast today. But I felt good.  Must have been the massage afterwards!

Warm Up
300 Pull w/o Paddles, 200 Pull w/ Paddles and 50 Swim.  Then we did a 200 Kick.  (750)

350 Swim pushing laps 3/6/9.  I had no speed as I was warming up still (1100)

Main Set:
4 Rounds -
50 Fly on 55
50 Back on 55
50 Breast/Free on 55
150 IM NO Free on 2:45

100 Warmdown

Nothing much to say about it.  It was what it was.  I really thought I was going to die when I heard the set but it went pretty easy as I was swimming.  I wasn't record breaking fast but I felt okay.  Getting ready for the 400 IM in Feb down in Clearwater.  Yeah, I'm going to finally bite the bullet and race the 400 IM.  I figure I'll be there for the 1000 free so why not attempt to drown in the 400 IM.  Workout Yardage - 2400 yards


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