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RIP My iPod Nano! Damn You!

So I lost my iPod Nano at my gym last week.  Damn you who ever has it.  It had been crashing a lot and one of the buttons was sticking.  I so should have sent it back to Apple for repairs.  But I didn't and I guess I lost it.  So now comes the big question?  What do I replace it with?

The Cheap Solution:  The Shuffle?ShuffleIt's only 50 bucks.  If I ever do somehow misplace it I won't care so much.  Plus I'm poor and broke right now.  So 50 bucks isn't so bad!

The moderate solution with more options:  The Nano? Nano
More control of music.  More music?  Playlists?  So much better but with options of  8GB: $129.00 or 16GB: $149.00.  16GB in Pink is pretty cool!

Oh My Did I Win Lottery Option:  MotoACTV MotoactvGPS and Music for runners?  Oh wait how much?  $249.99  for 8GB!  HOLY COW.

I think the shuffle will just be the stop gap filler till I can afford another Nano.  I do think the MOTOactv is great but I just can't afford it right now.  Maybe I should give up running?


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