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Friday's Swim Report - Santa Wins Swim Sprint At Meet

The lack of speed in this one is disturbing!

The lack of speed in this one is disturbing!  Or at least that is how I felt this morning. 

Warm Up
500 Mixed then 200 Kick (700)

Main Set:
6x50's on 50 Pace
300 FAST on 4:30
4x50's on 50 Pace
200 FAST on 3:00
2x50's Pace on 50
100 FAST on 1:30+30
4x100's IM Descending on 1:45 (1600/2300)

Oy!  I was feeling super slow at first.  I was in the low 3:50's for the 300.  The 200 I was 2:30 and the 100 on 1:04.  Those were all free.  The IM's I was 1:35, 1:25, 1:20 and 1:11.  Not the greatest times but not bad.  It wasn't to about the 100 fast free that I felt okay swimming.  For the most part it was a struggle.

Warmed down an easy 100 for 2,400 yards. 

Yesterday I got in a really hard Group Ride (Spinning Class.)  Oy!  That was all I did since I had a very early morning at work.  Taking any class at all was a miracle.  Today I have Group Power at noon.  This weekend with the holiday I'll be swimming both days and that is it.  Monday it's Power and Swim while Tuesday I'll be taking 3 Group Ride Classes in a row.  OY!


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