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Monday's Swim Report - Mystery Solved: How Sonic The Hedgehog Can Swim

Wake Me Up After You Defrost Me Swim.

These 47F mornings suck!  I'm beginning to hate the steam rising from the pool as it really makes me cough up a storm. Breathing in those chemicals can't be good!  Luckily I had a swim mate to push me today even if he did wear fins.  The guy is fast enough without fins but with fins I gotta push myself just not to be crushed by him every time.

Warm Up
Mixed 500 / 200 Kick
300 IM Reverse order Pull/Kick/Swim (1000)

Main Set:
6x200's on 3:10 (Free, Back, IM and repeat) (1200/2200)

I was okay in the 200's.  I wanted to be a bit faster but whatever.  My free I was 2:30 then 2:25.  My back I was 2:35's.  My IM's blew.  Damn breaststroke. 

We then did 4x50's Free pace on 50.  I was 34, 34, 35 and 35.  We were going to do 3 rounds but the other swimmer had to go so I just got out.  (200/2400)

So 2,400 yards.  Today it's just Group Power for me and that is it.  This week I'll be swimming everyday but Thursday and Saturday.  Gym time will be more of the same with Group Power Mon/Wed/Fri but Tuesday and Thursday are up in the air.  Guess some cardio of some sort.


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