Sunday's Swim Report - It's Summertime Swimming Day!
Monday's Swim Report - Save Me XXX Aquaman!

World Go Boom! I Go Slow!

Almost the end of the world I mean year so it's time for Top 10 Lists to come out.  More importantly for all the voices in my head it's time for DJ Earthworms Mashup United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)!  Five minutes of the songs I've been running to and swimming all mashed up into one song! 

It kept me swimming today!  On deck the coach said today was a companion to yesterday's workout which led my mind to try and remember what I swam yesterday.  Was it 6x50's/300, 4x50's/200 noooo!  Damn…wait what was it.  Oh well for today's workout…

Warm Up
Mixed 400
200 Kick (600)

Main Set:
400 Negative Split on 6 mins
2x200's Negative Split and Descend on 3:00
4x100's Descend on 1:30
4x50's on 60 Alternating Long Stroke / Sprint
extra 30 seconds rest
4x50's on 60 Alternating Long Stroke / Sprint

Okay so time to remember what I did..umm…I did negative split and descend.  Shit.  Well my 100's I was 1:15, 1:12, 1:09, 1:07.  My first 200 I was 1:25/1:20 and second was 1:17/1:15.  Not really fast times at all.  But once again I was swimming my set by myself.  I'm finding it hard to push myself when I'm by myself.  But I was concentrating on my freestyle stroke.  Keeping my recovery elbow up and completing my stroke before exiting the water.  I've been swinging my arm to the side making the exit a bit short and abrupt so I don't get the last oomph of pulling on my stroke.  My head position isn't perfect but so much better.  Guess not having to look for 6 other swimmers in my lane keeps me just trying to keep my head in place.  I don't know I guess I really need to be able to push myself without having a swim mate on my heals pushing me.  Otherwise I'm just going to get slower and what's the point of continuing swimming if I'm not getting any better?


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