Monday's Swim Report - The Comeback Underwater Cybershot
January Swimming Rearview Mirror

78F+41Y/O=1WK+1Y/O Workout

Happy Last Day of the Month!  Can you believe it's only two weeks till my birthday?  Well it is, and what are you buying me?  Anywho…

It was back in the water for me today.  Although I did swim in a few fun relays on Saturday that was for fun so it felt like I haven't swam in ages.  I skipped Friday since it was rainy and everyone was swimming at a different pool then we normally swim at.  Didn't want to get up an extra 15 minutes early to swim in the rain.  Sunday I slept in.  Stupid as I thought I would be swimming on Monday but I got called into work for the early morning shift.  So today was a make or break day.  I had to swim.  Hell I'm not tapering or anything. Or am I?  No, not yet.

So swimming it was today.  The coach gave me a workout all hand written to swim by.  As we all were getting ready to jump in one of the swimmers announced the temperature of the pool a very fine 78.7F.  Wahoo!  Well wahoo if it wasn't 45F outside on deck.  Yesterday the pool people backwashed the pool and I don't really understand pool stuff but I guess when they do that the heater is turned off or turns off or somehow magically goes off.  Either way the pool's heater wasn't working all night.  So 78F was the pool temperature which is perfect for me.  I loved it.  I jumped in and was swimming pretty damn good from the get go. 

Warm Up
Mixed 500 then 300 kick (800)

Main Set:
1x400 Pull

The first 100/200/300 was breathing every 3 on a 1:40 base interval.  Piece of cake as I was easily coming in on 1:20's at my slowest.  I was a slightly faster in my pull and didn't use paddles.  I wanted my arms to be ready for my next part of the set.  I think after the 400 instead of a 6:4 interval I took an extra 20 to square up the clocks.  I think.  Then the last 300/200/100 was fast on an 1:30 base.  My 300 I was in around a 3:40 if not a bit faster.  I sorta forget.  My 200 I was in right at 2:20 and my 100 was a 1:07.(1600/2400)

I then did 8x50's IM Switches on 55.  (400/2800)

Overall a good workout.  Glad I woke up and swam.  Hopefully I can get some quality swims in this week.  I'd like to be faster in workouts but I'm slowly getting to be a bit faster or my old speed.  Getting older is making me slower and only one week till I'm even slower, I mean older.


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