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Sunday's Swim Report - Cuff 'em Danno!

I Can't Swim 55! Swim Mate's Bday Themed Workout.

2 Hour Swim Day!  Wahoo!  Feels like ages since the last time I had a Sunday to just swim.  Since I don't have anything to do today I was able to get in some extra swim time.  The workout via emial…

1x500 loosen

1x300 kick with fins

6x50 on :50 with fins kick/fist closed 1 finger

1x400 fist closed 1 finger 1st 100, catch-up on the 2nd, build the 200

6x100 descending with paddles on 1:40

rest 2:00

10x50 on 1:15 - descend in pairs. Pick your final times and add 10 sec for the first 2.

Loosen 100 bk

So my 500 was 200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/ paddles (500.)  Then my 300 was very easy and slow for kicking (800.)  The closed fist 1 finger drill bores me and is frustrating.  I alternated my 50's Fist and Finger Tip Drill (300/1100.)  For the 400 I was fist/catch up then building  (400/1500.)  The 6x100's I pulled them with paddles.  I descended them even if it was a slow swim.  Finished with a 1:04 (600/2100.)  My 10x50's were okay.  Umm…everyone was slowly arriving for the 2nd half of my swim or the sunday swim workout.  So I was stopping after every 2x50's and chit chatting (500/2600)  I then did an easy 100 before joining up with the rest for a birthday swim (100/2700.)

Happy 55th Birthday Finish!  One of my swim mates turned 55 so the theme was 55 today!  Next week someone turns 63!  OY!

Shit…what did we do.  We did some kicking.  I don't remember.  I think 5x50's.  That sounds about right.  I did some fly underwater for speed.  (250/2950)

5x125's Drill/Swim/Drill/Swim/Drill on 2:30.  I did the first two 50Fly/50back/25 free.  The rest I did some sort of IM switches.  (625/3575)

5x75's Free breathing every 5.  I had to take a quick pee break so I missed a 50 so it was 325 yards for me (325/3900)

15x25's with 1 To Grow On!  I did the first 8 doing IM then the last 8 all fly.  (400/4300)

And that was it…so 4300 yards if my math is correct in 2 hours.  Not bad.  Need more of these Sunday workouts.  Glad I have the whole month to swim on Sundays.  Well as of now. GothedistanceHoly Crap I'm behind my Go The Distance Goal for 2012 and it's only the second week.  Gotta get some more swim time in this week!  Need to bank some yards now in case work gets in the way later this year.  Ironfish
At least by logging this workout in over at Fitocracy I got a new Victory!  I Am Ironfish!  Wahoo!


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