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Sunday's Swim Report - From The Swim Lane To The Wine Vine

I See Everything In Pink! Pink Goggles That Is!

Sunday!  It's my morning for a nice long swim.  And this morning I got to try my new goggles. 

The Workout:

Warm Up
200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles
3x100's Kick on 2 minutes. (800)


6x50's Kick (300/1100)

3x200's Pulling with paddles on 3 minutes.  I alternated breathing every 3 and 5 by 50.  (600/1700)

6x50's Pulling w/o paddles (300/2000)

Then the other swimmers started to show up and I did about a 200 mixed kick and a 100 swim till everyone was ready to start together.  (300/2300)

3x100's Kick on 2 minutes.  I was flying on these with butterfly kick doing 1:35's.  Which is fast for me.  (300/2600)

3x200's Backstroke on 3:20.  I descended these and ended up at a 2:32.  I think.  It's a fuzzy.  I so need one of those swim watches to keep track of this shit.  (600/3200)

4x100's Breaststroke on some interval.  I actually felt okay with these and did a descend.  I think I ended up with like a 1:37 which is again fast for me.  (400/3600)

10x50's Butterfly on 55.  OY!  I was pretty much coming in between 35 and 40.  (500/4100)

And that was it.  I was beat and sooo hungry!  A banana on Sunday morning just doesn't cut it.  I felt okay during the last butterfly part except I had a damn Avril Lavigne or however you spell her name song stuck in my head.  That almost killed me!




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