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(NIKE+)+(SMASHRUN)= Runner's Geek Heaven

(NIKE+)+(SMASHRUN)= Runner's Geek Heaven

Now I've been using Nike+ for a few years and I love it.  I've started with an old iPod Nano, to the iPhone, to the Nike+ Sportband and back to the latest iPod Nano.  Well the Nano is a backup if I forget my Sportband.  So yeah I feel invested in the Nike+ ecosystem.  For years the graphs of information about my runs have been fine and dandy.  But as time has gone on I think Nike+ hasn't kept up. I know I haven't tried the all new or almost a year old new Nike+ GPS Sportwatch or any heart rate monitor.  Maybe that would give me different graphs to look at.  So let's look at today's run...


It wasn't much of a run.  It was a warm up run before Group Power.  It was damn cold out.  45F is too damn cold to be in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  Oh well.  Anyways I can get basic info from my Nike+ Sportband.  Now since I no longer have an iPhone but an Android based phone I used RunKeeper for GPS data.  Now Runkeeper is pretty cool and all...
Cool.  Some different data.  Mostly from GPS.  Now couldn't a Nike+ GPS app do that?  Yeah.  So cool for you iPhone users.  But can you import Nike+ into Fitocracy?  NOPE.  So Runkeeper wins that match.  But DailyMile users win since Nike+ can be imported but not Runkeeper.  Damn...we need a running geek standard!  Can all these workout / running social media websites survive?

Back to Nike+ and it's graphs and data.  Let's look at a sad chart of my sad running habits...


Meh...just run after run in bar form.  Yawn!  Now look at Smashrun.  Actually lets read a bit about Smashrun via a press release…

Offering an elegant alternative to the oft-criticized Nike+ site, Smashrun's free web-based platform creates rich visual dashboards that are tailored and prioritized, providing runners with a “big picture” snapshot and a “by run” specific analysis of years of running history.

In 2006, Nike revolutionized the personal data tracking industry with the introduction of the Nike+ sensor. Millions of runners adopted the device as they quickly discovered its power to motivate. By transforming data into attractive, shareable dashboards, Smashrun takes that motivational power to the next level.

We’ve engineered:

 - An attractive and easily shareable dashboard (here's Chris' running stats)
 - Badges that serve as milestones for running achievements
 - Daily ranks – for discipline, speed, and distance
 - Social sharing mechanisms and follower relationships

The result is multiple layers of reinforcement that are far more powerful than any video game, because the rewards are not just virtual. As users level up their Smashrun stats, so do they’re fitness level.



Kinda cool if you ask me.  I still got to play a bit more and run some more to see the data chance.  I hope the folks at Nike+ are watching this and will update the Nike+ data soon, really soon.  But till then I will be heading to Smashrun!


I started using Nike+ a long time ago, but it wasnt until I paired it with Smashrun that I got the crazy amount of information that makes me drool. Then I found the badges I can earn and I was hooked. I dont run without them. If there is a choice, its Smashrun hands down.
@smashrun @lemonheadRACING
...and they arent paying me to say this. #iswear

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