Wednesday's Swim Report - Flailing Towards Glory
Thursday's Swim Report - Showing Beauty and Strength Through Swimming

Push, Pull, Push, Pull. Pushing Past My Mind.

Oh yeah.  That hurt so good.  As Jillian Michaels once said "Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!"  This was one of those swim practices that I had to get beyond my head and just do it.  Enough of the slogans…

The Workout:
500 Loosen.  Oh well I did a 550 since I messed up how much I wanted to pull.  So a 550 followed by a 200 kick with fins.

3x100's on 1:40 Swim/Kick/Pull/Build by 25 (300/1050)

1x800 Good Pace - Even Split.  Well I tried.  My first 100 I was still working out the kinks and aches.  Was a 1:25.  But picked it up for a 200 but fell back for the 4th 100.  Then I picked it up.  I came in at about 10:30 which is 10 seconds faster then the 1:20 pace I was shooting for.  So that was llke a 1:18:45 pace or average.

4x100's on 1:30 descending.  Shit.  No I can't remember what I did.  Umm…I think it was 14, 13, 12 and 10.  Or something close to that.

1 minute rest
4x100's Pace on 1:45 holding the time of the last 100 which for me was 1:10 if I recall.  I did the first one on 1:10 then 1:07, 1:07 and 1:08. 

1 minute rest
4x100's on 2 Minute.  Pace/Fast/Pace/Fast so 1:20's for my two pace.  I forget my first fast one but my last fast one was like a 1:05.  I was shooting for a 1:01 but meh.  I really had to dig deep for the last 4.  I was the only person in the pool and no coach around.  So I had to push myself on the honor system.   Never been really good with that.  Mind over matter and matter usually wins.

2,000 main set plus 50 easy makes it 3100 yard workout.  Not bad for a Thursday.  Oh and I gotta admit I'm hurting.  My lats were burning during those 100's.  Really had to dig deep, think about my stroke and push through it.  Good swim!


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