British Swimming History 2012
Monday's Swim Report - Going Beyond the Pool and Back Into the Pool

Ultimate Water Challenge: PINK vs CLEAR

I was the first on deck but the last one to actually start swimming this morning as I was adjusting my new goggles.  Now I bought two different yet the same pairs of goggles at so you'd figure they'd fit the same.  I got -
Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggles - Clear
Sporti Antifog Swedish Premium Goggles - Pink

They seem the same but on closer inspection the Pink or Premium Swedes feature a "Silicone eye gaskets."  So they seem to be nicer around the eyes.  I still gotta play around with them but the Pink do fit better.  Anyways, playing with them this morning took up some of my warm up time so I missed a junk of the warm up.



Warm Up


350 Swim / 200 Kick

Main Set:

5x100's on 1:40 - 50 Catch Up / 50 Build

2x500's on 7:30.  2nd one faster

5x100's on 1:30 Descend.

With no extra rest in between each section.  So a 2,000 yard main set.  Now my first 5x100's I was easily coming in the low 1:20's.  My first 500 I was coming in under 1:20's I forgot exactly what my time was in but I remember saying to my mate that we had one minute rest so I was under 6:30.  Grrr....for my 2nd one I was faster but I so can't remember what it was, when I landed on the clock to figure out the math but I was faster.  I know I was.  I know I started at like a 1:10 was below a 1:15 for the splits.    I wanna say I was like a 5:56 it my memory is right.  I know I was under the 6 minute mark. Which makes sense.  Then the last 5x100's were not descended.  But I was consistent coming in at 1:09 then all 1:10's. 

And that was it.  End of the swim.  2,550 yards in less then 45 minutes.  May have been 40 minutes but let's say 45.  I should have warmed down but really had to pee so once I got out I was out. 

The rest of the week is sorta up in the air.  I gotta work early Wednesday so most likely no swimming.  I should be able to swim tomorrow but they are working on the pool's heater today so who knows if it'll be open tomorrow or how cold or hot it'll be.  Thursday and Friday are clear for swimming.   That is if folks are swimming at the pool closer to me as the last two Fridays they've been swimming at another pool and I've slept in.  Then on Saturday we or they are having a Relay Carnival that I'll be swimming a few 50's in.  So got a bit of swimming to do this week.


Hopefully I'll get in some good yardage this week to boost up my Go The Distance.  I'm ahead of my revised down goal for 2012!


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