Go Swim - All Strokes - Medball Toss
Sunday's Swim Report - Go USA! Florida No. 1 In Shark Attacks!

10,100 Yards To Go!

So I had a workout in mind to do this morning as my pre-workout workout but I kept making it easier and easier.  Still recovering from this damn cold.

Warm Up
Mixed 400

200 Kick Free on 4 Minutes
100 Drill/Swim by 25 on 2 Minutes (300/700)
4x50's Swim on 50 (200/900)
4x25's on 30 (100/1000)
2x100's on 2:00 (200/1200)
rested a bit - then backstroke round
200 Kick backstroke on 4 (200/1400)
100 Drill/Swim by 25 on 2 minutes (100/1500)
4x50's Swim on 60 (200/1700)
4x25's on 30 (100/1800)
rested a bit - then butterfly round
200 Kick on 4 (200/2000)
100 Drill/Swim (100/2100)
2x50's Fly on 60 (100/2200)

Everyone was starting to arrive so I moved over after a quick pee break.

100 Pull no padles (100/2300)
10x50's Pull with paddles on 55 (500/2800)

4x50's Kick / 4x50's Drill/Swim (400/3200)

In theory 3x250 IM's on 4 Minutes but I had to take a pee break so I did…

250 (100 Fly/50 back /50 breast /50 free
pee break
200 (100 back / 50 breast / 50 free)
250 (75 fly / 75 back / 50 breast / 50 free)  (700/3900)

Then we did 4x100's (75 drill/kick/swim stop on some interval then 25 sprint)  I had to do them butterfly.  My middle two I wore fins.  (400/4300)

I then did an easy 50 and got out.  So 4,350 yards in 2 hours. This brings me 10,100 yards to go in the USMS Go The Distance milestone of swimming 50 miles!  So far in 2012…44.26 miles swum (=77,900 yards, =71,232 meters) and only 5.74 miles (= 10,100 yards, = 9,235 meters) to next milestone (50 miles milestone).  It'll be another week till I get there.  Can't swim Monday as I work really early then next Saturday and Sunday I have my training to teach.  I'm going to do my best to do it by the end of this month.  Think it's possible.


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