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Wednesday's Swim Report - Word Of The Day Is "Aquagenic"

A New Look, Another Swim and Just More of the Same.

I really wanted to swim yesterday but my body didn't want to.  Guess the change of Group Power Class added to Sunday's weight training was too much for my body.  In fact it seemed to carry over in this mornings swim practice.  My left shoulder was a bit sore.  Okay, more then a bit.  Which is okay as I know it's from weight training and fatigue and not something serious.  At least not yet..


The Workout:
1x500 Loosen
2x100's Kick w/Fins on 2:00
2x100's Lick/Swim w/Fins on 1:45 (900)

1x500 Good Pace on 7:30
1x500 Broken @ 250 For 10 Secs.  Neg Split on 7:30
1x500 Broken @ 100 For 10 Secs.  Even Split (1500/2400)

6x50's on 50 Descend. (300/2700)

The warm up I did my usual 200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles.  I felt pretty good with just a bit of snot running out of my post-cold nose.  At least I wasn't coughing, well at least not yet.  Then came the 3x500's.  I almost stopped during the first 500 after the 200 mark.  I was feeling pain in my shoulder.  Right at the beginning of my pull.  Ouchie!  My first 500 I was easily doing 1:20 splits and came in at 6:40.  My second 500 I was having a bit of difficulty with my goggles so I didn't get my exact splits but was 1:20 for the first two 100's then down to about 1:17's towards the ends.  I came in about on the 6:35.  As for the last 500 I was coming in at the 1:12's pretty much the whole time.  I was coughing a bit during the last 150 which sucked.  According to my math I guess that's about a 6 minute 500?  I guess. 

After about 4 minutes of chatting with the other swimmers I was off on my 50's.  Too much rest and no one really to swim with made these bad 50's.   I used the last 2 as warm downs.  So 2,700 yard workout in about 55 minutes.  Not too bad. 

In other news… has announced it's "Top Swimming Blogs - 2012 Finalists - About Swimming Readers' Choice Awards."  And Guess What?  I've been nominated.  I gotta admit I'm always shocked that anyone but my mother reads my blog.  Even she hasn't read it in years!  I'm honored to be nominated along with some of my favorite swimming websites/blogs…
The GoSwim Blog
The Southern California Aquatics Blog
The Swim Brief
The Swimmers Circle
Since I read these guys and gals at least several times a week I'm honored to be among them.


Back to swimming and me.  Not swimming Monday and Tuesday put me back a bit in my goal to swim 50 Miles for the first two months of the year.


I really can only swim 3 more times in the morning due to work.  So I gotta swim about 2,500 yards per workout.  Doable depending on if I actually make it to the pool.  

Last but not least of all it looks like my Nike+ Fuelband which I pre-ordered and should be here today will not ship to Thursday. least I should have it before my weekend training.  Can't wait to start posting about it.  UPDATE:  It arrived and charging!  Because of the new Fuelband I've decided to change focus around here a bit.  Since I can't use my Nike+ Fuelband for swimming I've relaunched one of my sub-blogs for all activities non-swimming.  Swimming posts will here at the17thman and everything else training wise will be over here at evenmoreofthe17thman. The sub-blog will be my "Training For Life" while the17thman's theme will be "Swimming For Life".



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