Wednesday's Swim Report - CrossSwimming, Cross Fitt Hits The Pool
MSS: Tomb of the Diver (ISHOF)

A Quick, Very Short Workout.

Since I have the swim meet this weekend I'm avoiding heavy weights and weights all together for the rest of the week.  So no gym time.  Now I did sleep in this morning so I tried to go swimming later.  It took some doing but I found a pool that was open for lap swimming.  Problem was that I only had 25 minutes to swim.  So a quick easy workout.

Warmed Up
200 Swim
200 Pull w/ Paddles
200 Kick

8x50's on 55 Pulling w/paddles  (400/1000)

4x50's on 45 Pulling w/paddles Breathing every 3 (200/1200)

4x50's on 45 Pulling w/o Paddles (200/1400)

4x50's on 45 Swimming (200/1600)

And that was it.  Oh well at least I got in the water.  Tomorrow I need to wake up and swim at 7am.


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