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Active Taper Easily Morning Swim

Wish every swim was a taper swim!  No actually I don't!  But with my first Masters swim meet in months I better get my body ready.  I really do wish I had more opportunities to compete.  Just to get my body use to racing and my mind use to race strategy and just racing.

Today's Taper Swim
Mixed 500 (the usual of 200 swim/100 pull w/o paddles/200 pull w/paddles)

300 Kick (300/800)

Then 3x100's on 1:50 Swim/Kick/Pull/Build Swim.  On the first 100 I grabbed my pull buoy for the pulling and left in on the other end.  The 2nd two 100's I used the buoy as a kickboard then for pulling.   (300/1100)

8x50's on 55 Free descending in groups of 2 (400/1500)

200 FAST.  I was averaging 35's for my 50 splits so a 2:20.  Not fast but not bad.  (200/1700)

300 IM warmdown Pull/Kick/Swim (300/2000)

So a nice an easy 2,000 yard taper workout.   Now I'm trying to do a nice taper dry land routine at the gym.  Which is sorta interesting as I'm trying to complete all 17 of the classes the gym offers in 7 days.  Yesterday I took some of the easier classes such as Sit & Be Fit, Healthy Lifestyles, Yoga and Zumba.  Saturday I took Group Step (Step Aerobics) and Group Groove (Aerobic Dancing.)  With everything gym related and workout related you only get out of a workout what you put into it.  And I will admit I was a bit slacking at the gym.  But hey it's a taper!  OH yeah I even cycled to the pool and back this morning.


I am doing okay on my year goal for USMS Go The Distance.  Maybe the 42x100's I do for my 42nd Birthday will get me ahead just a bit.  That is if I do 42x100's and not 42x50's or 42x25's.  Good god I'm old!


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