Happy Valentine's Day
Sade - No Mermaid Love, I Mean No Ordinary Love

Beat Me Up Buttercup! 42x100's Birthday Swim

Beat Me Up Buttercup!  Okay, I think it's Build Me Up Buttercup or something but when I heard that song on the deck radio around the 34th 100 it became Beat Me Up Buttercup in my head.  That and a Nicki Minaj medley played in my head to keep me going.

The 42nd Birthday Workout - 4200 Yards

10x100's Warm Up on 1:30

Rest 60 Seconds!

10x100's on 1:25

Rest 60 Seconds!  or so to square up the clock.

10x100's on 1:20

Rest 60 Seconds or so to square up the clock. 

10x100's on 1:20.  Now it was supose to be 1:15 but we decided 1:20 was best.  I did use my hand paddles to make it!

Rest a bit

2x100's on 2 minutes warm down!

Good god that hurt!  Mostly cuz' I was feeling yesterday's gym workout in my chest.  After a week of no weights for my taper I was back in Group Power yesterday.  After that I did my 10x10 Push Ups on 60 using the bosu ball.  OY!  I really was hurting and still am!  But all in a good way! 


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