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Tuesday's Swim Report - Linsanity! But Can He Swim?

But I Have Some Great Friends That Are Swim Team Owners...

 Ouchie!  I went into workout with a bit of a closed mind this morning and of course thinking negative before hand is not a good thing to do before workout.  After a weekend of training on a spinning bike I figured I might have some leg fatigue.  The odd thing was that I didn't.  I actually

had a strong kick during a short kick portion of warm up.  But my right hand lower back / front above the hip was giving me a bit of discomfort.  Not direct pain but a bit of "oh yeah, i can fell it" type of discomfort.  Maybe I shouldn't have used fins and eased way back into using hips and legs in swimming.  Maybe it was all in my head.  Either way I got out shortly after warm up. 

Warm Up:

1x500 Mixed (200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/ paddles)

I already was feeling some discomfort when I was reaching on my left side and breathing to my right.  Now the coach mentioned that it looked like I was sinking my left hand to deep and letting it just slide down instead of catching.  So maybe just maybe this was my problem.  Or not?

4x100's on 2:00 25 Drill / 50 Kick / 25 Swim - all with fins.  A few of those last laps swimming with fins I may have tried to kick too much too fast too soon.  With my left hand just slipping and me kicking I may have placed too much torque on my right side lower back / front which was my discomfort.  I'm blaming everything stupid I did on the discomfort and not the cycling/spinning. (400/900)

8x50's on 50 Pace. (400/1300)

Meh...then it was time to call it off.  That was only the very beginning of the main set.  It was to be 8x50's/400, 6x50's/300, 4x50's/200 and 2x50's/100 always working the distance part descending the distance while finding the pace in the 50's for the distance part.  Great workout if I wasn't being so wimpish.  I could have done it and maybe should have done it.  But I got lot's of classroom time to practice my class to do so I didn't want to kill myself.  Not yet!

So a sorta quick and easy 1,300 yards.  I'm way off my goal of swimming 50 miles before the end of this month for 2012.  Oh well.  I'll do my monthly swim summary tomorrow.  Gotta work very early so no swimming in the morning.  I may, may try to swim in the afternoon tomorrow before sunset but that is a maybe.  I keep worring about how much swimming I'll be doing as I start to teach classees and all the other stuff I want to do in my mind.  Now that my body is going to be my money maker how can I fit swimming in between it all?  I know I will, people do it and I have access to plenty of pools around here.  Gotta just not thing about tomorrow and just try to swim when I can and where I can till then.

Headline and graphic inspired by the great Jon Stewart via Gawker


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