Wednesday's Swim Report - Black Swan Goes Swimming
The Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame

February's Rearview Mirror - Swimming: Leap Year Edition

With one extra day in the month you'd think I'd get some extra swim time.  But with so much other stuff going on from Group Ride Training and work I gotta admit I haven't been swimming as much as I like. 

Totals For This Month
Activity    # of Sessions    Total Time (H:MM)    Total Distance
Swimming    15                    12:30                            21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)

So 38,150 yards for the month.  Not great at all. 


My goal is to be more consistant in March.  Which means back in the pool for the rest of the week.  I think I'll be settled into swimming Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday every week in March.  At least that is the plan so far. 
So almost at 50 miles to earn my free swim cap.  Yahoo, free stuff.  Instead of swimming I've been spending lots of time riding on an indoor bike.  In fact here I am way back on the left hand side on a bike wearing a white sleeveless tee.
Oh well another month is coming tomorrow.  Time to get soakin' wet down at the pool!


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