Swimming under water- Pathé Baby
Wednesday's Swim Report - Swimmer's Grab Your Tutu's!

Happy Birthday Month 2 Me!

A new month!  Happy Birthday Month To Me!  Guess that means I might have to swim 42 somthing's in a few weeks.  Hope it's just 42x25's!

Yesterday the pool was 78 and the air was 46 then today the pool was 82 and the air was 60.  Craziness!  I so would take the 78 any day of the week.  I hated the pool today!  I should be use to this 82 and hotter pool temps but I'm not.  I don't understand why they keep the pools soooooo hot!  Craziness.  Anywho…

Warm Up
500 Mixed.

4x100's 25 Catch-Up / 50 Kick / 25 Build on 1:40.  Well I did one on 1:40 and the rest on 1:50/  (400/900)

Main Set -
Part I:
3x300's on 4:30 Descending
1st 300 the 1st 100 was catchup
2nd 300 the 2nd 100 was catchup
3rd 300 the 3rd 100 was catchup

Now I know I descended them.  Good size drops in times also.  My first one I think was like a 4:10, then a 4:00 then a 3:50.  I think.  My memory is fuzzy.  Catchup just sinks me.  All drills do!  (900/1800)

Part II:
6x150's on 2:20. Descending. The middle 50 was catchup.

How do I forget my times in just a matter of minutes?  Grrr…  I did descend.  Small descends but finished up the last on on 1:47.  (900/2700)

Then I did an easy 100 for 2,800 yards and called it a day.  Group Power at noon today.


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