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My Results - Valentine's Meet 2012

Happy Pre-Birthday To Me!  Happy Pre-Birthday To Me!  What did I give myself?  A great day in the pool.  Today it was up at 3:40am to make the drive at 5:00 to Clearwater.  Oy!  It was the 2012 Masters Annual Valentine's Meet and since I was born on Valentine's Day this meet was made for me!  Well at least this year it was but not so much last year.  I'm going to skip the rearview mirror till another Monday Morning Quarterbacking Post but here is a quick raw data snap shot of today....

The 1,000 SCY Freestyle


                      31.50      1:04.73 (33.23)
        1:39.18 (34.45)     2:13.74 (34.56)
        2:48.93 (35.19)     3:23.30 (34.37)
        3:58.18 (34.88)     4:32.98 (34.80)
        5:08.12 (35.14)     5:42.74 (34.62)
        6:17.16 (34.42)     6:51.85 (34.69)
        7:26.63 (34.78)     8:01.32 (34.69)
        8:36.12 (34.80)     9:10.86 (34.74)
        9:45.53 (34.67)    10:20.56 (35.03)
       10:55.88 (35.32)    11:29.61 (33.73)

Not too bad.  I kept the same pace pretty much all the way!  Now that is much better then my 11:43.34 from last year but not as good as my tech suit swim of 11:16.70 back in 2010. 

The 200 SCY Backstroke


                       31.90      1:05.03 (33.13)
        1:39.30 (34.27)     2:13.91 (34.61)

Last year at this meet I did a 2:16.62.  So today was better.  But back in SCY Nat's in 09' in a tech suit I did 2:09.04. 

The 200 SCY Butterfly


                      30.37      1:04.54 (34.17)
        1:40.03 (35.49)     2:15.88 (35.85)

So that was once again better then last year when I did a 2:17.35.  But let's look at some other times I've done 2:12.27 & 2:12.95 in 07' and 09'.  Then a 2:16.62 in 2010.  So a bit all over the map.  Some work must be done but then again the 200 fly was after swimming the 200 back and 1000 free on the same day.  Hey, a body can only do so much.  So happy happy joy joy with 3 for 3 better then last year!

The 400 SCY IM


                       31.28      1:06.74 (35.46)
        1:44.88 (38.14)     2:21.31 (36.43)
        3:09.27 (47.96)     3:55.55 (46.28)
        4:30.38 (34.83)     5:02.47 (32.09)

Hey I did it!  I swam it and didn't get DQ'ed.  Check it off the bucket list!  That time isn't so bad either!  Gotta admit I was glad the day was over after this event!  Of course the event ended is some hubbub with one official thinking I had only swam a 50 of the breaststroke and not a 100.  Guess that happens when you sandbag your seed time with an 8 minute entry!

Overall I'm very happy with today!  I'm a year older and I'm faster then last year.  The rebuilding is working!


The seed time for the 400IM does make me laugh! Congratulations on what sounds like a thoroughly satisfactory meet, and happy pre-birthday...

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