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Michael Phelps Showers With Head & Shoulders

Pace / Taper Thursday Workout

Brrrr…guess it was too early to break out the shorts for the short trip to the pool.  This morning's swim was about pace.

500 (200 Swim/ 100 Pull w/o paddles / 200 Pull w/Paddles)
200 Kick
3x100's Drill/Kick/Drill/Swim on 1:40 (300/1000)

300 50 Drill/50Swim (300/1300)

9x100's on 1:30
1-3 Pace on 1:15
4-6 Pace on 1:12
7-9 Pace on 1:10
30 Seconds between each pace set.

Okay so I paced them but not the given pace.  I was 1:17/1:15/1:12.  Oh well.  Close enough.  (9002200)

At least I got in the water and swam.  This is sorta a taper week for me.  Which isn't a big taper since it's not like this is a super duper important meet or anything.  It just may be my only SCY swim of the year.  So for me it's important in that I can judge how my swimming is going.  I'm always my harshest critic.  I'm a bit nervous about my events since I've scheduled myself a crazy Saturday with the 1,000 Free, 200 Back, 200 Fly and the 400 IM.  Oy!


I know it's a bit crazy! The 400 IM is a bucket list thing. I always skip it cuz' it always seems to be on the day with my core events 1650/1000. Actually the 1000 isn't really a core event it's just an alternative when there is no 1650. I figure I'll see how I feel after the 1000 and 200 back. The 200 butterfly is about 30 minutes before the 400 IM via the timeline. I'll have to play it as I go. But on the flip side I just want to finish the 400 not really race it. Just to say I've done it. My own little check off challenge / bucket list swim.

You're planning to RACE 1,800 yds in FOUR separate events on the SAME day? Are you SERIOUS??? Add a few hundred yards of warmup to your chosen events and you have a challenging practice even at workout pace. But racing them all out - even Michael Phelps in his heyday wouldn't attempt your race schedule. Add in the fact that your selection includes the soul destroying 200 fly and 400 IM combination, neither of which you want to bonk in the middle of, and I have to shudder. If I were you I'd pick my centre piece event and then limit myself to one more (which, at least for most of your readers, that would mean excluding anything with fly in it). Even with these precautions it would still mean racing a minumum 400 yds in two separate events - more than enough when one considers the time necessary (dare I say it?) for a man in his forties to recover from all out efforts.

Really, forty two is not all that old. No need to panic just yet.

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